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Silvia was recommended to me by another professional who was treating me for fibromyalgia. I phoned to make an appointment and I immediately felt at ease. She was very understanding and a good listener.
First appointment, I was very anxious, but felt very comfortable with her treating me. We decided on Reflexology. After being on anti-depressants for 32 years, I am happy to say that I am now completely drug free. I feel calmer, less anxious and realise that reflexology has helped me to reach this position I am in today. Long may it continue. Thank you Silvia.
F.R Lancaster (RICH TEA NOT)

When training for the London Marathon, I injured my hamstring and it even hurt to walk. I thought I would have to defer my entry. After the first visit to Silvia, there was a remarkable difference and my training was back on track! At each visit, Silvia would concentrate on the area where I was noticing a soreness and correct it before it became an issue. She worked her hardest trying to book me in to late afternoons to go around my working hours and offered a range of massages to compliment each stage of training. I crossed that finish line still running and this is down to Silvia working with me over the last few months, showing me stretches which would benefit me after my runs and working through all my aches and pains. I would highly recommend Silvia to any athlete. Thank you Silvia! I couldn't have done this without you!
Holly Kiyani - Lancaster

Initially I sought help from Silvia for stress-related headaches, shoulder and neck pain. My symptoms have considerably improved but I continue to enjoy a regular massage - it is the highlight of my month. Silvia is extremely professional, thorough and easy going. I would certainly recommend her.
Judith - Scotforth

After struggling with lower back pain for what seemed like forever, a friend of mine highly recommended Silvia to me.
After a short consultation Silvia started to work her magic. I can honestly say, not only did my back start to improve with the very first session, along with the exercises Silvia advised me to follow, I am now very much in control of my back pain.
I would highly recommend this lady, with all her expertise and knowledge of the human body, to anyone struggling with pain. Thank you Silvia.
Gari Bilyard - Lancaster

I've never been so well treated anywhere else in the world. Silvia is a very competent professional and I always come out flooded with good energy. Thank you so much for looking after my physical, mental and spiritual health.
M. Soares | Heysham

Silvia sorted my shoulder after just one visit. I was so pleased to get a result so quickly. I like going to Silvia for treatment, she always makes me laugh and I always feel good afterwards.
Les Pritchard | Lancaster

After deciding against injections for my shoulder pain, I thought I would try massage instead. What a result! I could not raise my arm above shoulder height without being in pain. After my first visit to Silvia, I could raise it above my head! A vast improvement! Shame it has not improved my game ( golf)!
Also, I have had kidney problems in the past. After having lower back massage, this is no longer a problem.
Tony Mawson | Caton

I've been going to Silvia after she was recommended by my physiotherapist. Silvia has been able to loosen up and 'straighten' my scoliosis considerably. I've been able to reduce the number of painkillers and generally get on with my life in a much more relaxed state.
Always professional, she is also a delightfully easy person to get on with and I enjoy my visits to her as much for the chat as the massage.
A lovely, caring and exceptionally good therapist.
S. McGregor | Morecambe

Silvia treated me for neck and shoulder pain. I couldn't sleep comfortably and was in constant pain. After the first massage I felt immediate relief. Silvia was very professional, I felt at ease with her and really enjoyed my massage. Silvia also gave me advice on posture and showed me some stretches which would help with my shoulder and neck issues. I have also had reflexology...this was FANTASTIC! I felt extremely relaxed during the treatment and energised afterwards. I'm very much looking forward to my next session.
Wendy Keates | Morecambe

After fortunately glancing the Facebook article from Silvia Perruzza listing the conditions of TMJ, I made the contact and arranged a treatment. As a lifelong serial teeth grinder, tinnitus, and constant pain sufferer, noticeably in the back of my neck on the right hand side of my head, I had nothing to lose and was beginning to submit to living with it all and learning to cope.
The professionalism, knowledge and technique of this highly skilled therapist far surpassed any of my expectations. All of my symptoms were linked heavily to the severe tightness in my jaw and the sense of relief during the progressive treatments was nothing short of incredible. The severe tension dissipated, the constant ringing subsided to a much lower level and much to the delight of my wife, my snoring has all but gone.
I cannot recommend Silvia Perruzza highly enough. In this day and age, it's a rareity to find a therapist this capable that has a genuine concern for your well being, who takes her time, is 100% reliable and completely confident in her excellent capabilities
Neil Tranter

I have been unfortunate enough to of had 4 spinal operations with no success to my posture. I was then told that no further ops would take place and they had done everything they could for me. I was then recommended Silvia by daughter. Upon consultation with silvia she advised on what treatment she could do. I visit silvia on a weekly basis and have done for the last few months and since this time silvia has worked wonders with my chronic back and neck pain and cyatica down the right side of my legs. Silvia has relieved the chronic neck and back pain and worked wonders on inflamation and scar tissue and reduced to nill swelling and is now working on the cyatic region. I would highly recommend silvia and the treatment she does to anyone and she certainly makes you feel well at home in the warm friendly environment of her treatment room.
Nick Berry

Amazing women with healing hands. Full of knowledge on herbal treatments for after care. Would not go anywhere else. Definitely recommend. Xx
Sarah Louise Berry

I have secondary cancer and have a great deal of emotional and physical issues to deal with including anxiety, insomnia and sore joints. I have been receiving treatments from Silvia for 6 months now and can honestly say I've never felt better. I have a range of treatments including reflexology, hot stones massage and reiki on a weekly basis. Silvia is extremely gifted at her craft and I believe she has 'healing hands'. I also find she has a calming influence over me and I always sleep soundly following a treatment. I cant imagine not having my weekly 'pamper session'.
M A Davies

I came to see Silvia in November 2014 after seeing an advert on Facebook for TMJ therapy. After over a year of suffering a constant headache, a jaw that would hardly open and bad neck pain that was due to stress, Silvia treated me with the TMJ therapy and now I can open my mouth fully, hardly ever have headaches and no neck pain. I am now a regular customer as I like to maintain the TMJ treatment and have enjoyed many more treatments including deep tissue massage which I love, also Reiki and crystal healing. Thankyou so much Silvia. I look forward to every massage.
Jenny Slinn, Morecambe.

I've had loads of back and neck pain. Silvia is like a miracle worker, she relieves the pain. I'm so convinced of her abilities, I've bought close friends who I know need a little tlc vouchers for their birthdays - they always re- book as she's amazing - recommend the hot stone treatment xx
Sarah Barker, Heysham.

I went to Silvia in absolute agony with a trapped nerve in my neck and down my arm and back and after just one session the pain started to subside and after a few it went totally....even the doctors couldn't do anything.....The woman is a miracle worker and I still go every week. Lovely lady that puts you totally at ease ....would definitely recommend
Tracy Donaghey

I moved to the area from London last year and have a history of complex and serious back problems including a potentially life threatening spine injury called cauda equina syndrome. I have also had torted ovaries and suffer from hemiplegic migraine. I have looked after my spine with yoga but have always dreamed of having a massage therapist who would understand my health needs and treat me in exactly the right way. I never found this in London but have in Silvia. She is just amazing and incredible value for money. She has really helped me post pregnancy and is sensitive, understanding and gives an excellent deep tissue massage with hot stones. Silvia is talented and a lovely genuinely caring therapist. Her treatment room is calm and relaxing. She regularly treats three members of my family and we all adore her. I couldn't recommend her more highly.
Zoe Hepden - Manchester

Following a car accident 2.5 years ago, the NHS have basically just said I'll have to get on with things. I had bad whiplash and have two slipped discs. Silvia's hot stone massages have worked wonders on my neck and for the first time since my accident, the pain and stiffness has reduced significantly. She is very knowledgable and is keen to make a difference. She's highly recommended and I defy anyone not to try one of her treatments and enjoy it.
Ang Ross - Overton

Thanks Silvia. You've allowed me to carry on working more or less pain free. You have a special gift for sure.
Paul Maguire - Lancaster